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By Website Admin | August 28, 2017

BoltMSP helps Clark Associates dramatically reduce expenses by moving their desktop to BoltMSP’s private cloud Clark Associates credits BoltMSP with allowing them to focus on the business side and offering “peace of mind” regarding their technology requirements

McLean, VA, August , 2014 – Clark Associates, the largest dealer/distributor of Invisible Fence products and services, hired BoltMSP to assess their technology situation and implement a cost-effective solution. Over four years, this decision has saved Clark Associates approximately $20,000 in expenses.

Bolt MSP moved the firm’s desktops to their private cloud; Clark Associates no longer has to go through a downtime and reconfiguration every few years. “So they use any device (workstation, laptop, tablet) and connect to their computer in our data center. We have a server for them that has all of their data, applications, etc. housed in a secure data center,” said Brian Chavis, CTO of BoltMSP.

From an IT perspective, Chavis said the advantages of moving Clark Associates to their private cloud are:

1. Security (not in a closet in their office)

2. Backup (the server is automatically backed up)

3. Remote access from anywhere

4. Data is contained (no losing laptops and company data)

5. Scalability (they have endless capacity to expand)

6. Reliability (they are “renting” a small piece of a $2M platform)

Kyle Mohr, Vice President of Clark Associates, said they were with BoltMSP ten years ago and left when the firm “was smaller and couldn’t handle what we needed but then we went back to them.” Mohr said Clark Associates had two other IT companies in between BoltMSP that did not work out.

Clark’s last IT supplier was an individual who had a helper technician. “He built our infrastructure and was very unreliable. The system was never set up as it was supposed to be, and what we were promised never materialized. We continued to have issues,” said Mohr.

Mohr said they were at their wit’s end when they called BoltMSP. Clark had purchased hardware; the prior vendor took money for the hardware but Clark never received it. “It never came to be; it was a $12,000 order for new workstations and a server. We ended up disputing the charge on a credit card and then we told him it was not working out,” said Mohr. Clark remembered Chavis from years ago and asked him to evaluate their IT set-up.

“Brian told us things were different with his company – he had grown and had better staff and infrastructure with him. Brian knew our business; he thought that he could help us out. We listened to a few different proposals from BoltMSP,” said Mohr. “It was all about having someone when we needed them, when we had a problem.”

Clark Associates is a small company with 40 employees and approximately 15 workstation users. “Before switching to UBT’s private cloud, we had to become the in-house pseudo tech experts which we are not. We put Band-Aids on things the best we could over the years. Brian convinced us that BoltMSP could do it, and so far they have done real well for us,” said Mohr.

Move to BoltMSP’s Private Cloud

Clark Associates went to a cloud based environment because they were going to put a substantial capital investment into hardware. “We knew after going through a few proposals that moving to their cloud was the best move. Brian and his team worked up a cost analysis between two different plans,” said Mohr. “We didn’t want to spend the cash at one time and then do it again in three years. We went with a cloud environment to spread out the cost over a few years. It turned out to be a better situation long-term to go with that solution. That is where we saved our money.”

Over a four year time span, Clark Associates saved around $20,000 in expenses. “Plus, we wouldn’t have to go through a downtime and reconfiguration in a few years,” said Mohr. “To go through this process every four years would be very frustrating—to have that down time. Right now we don’t have that.”

Between the hardware and the back-up, Mohr and his team does not have to worry about anything. BoltMSP was the IT provider hands down. Clark had interviewed another IT company that their accountant had used. This firm was more expensive and they were not local. “They wouldn’t be able to handle what Bolt MSP was able to do,” added Mohr.

Clark Associates personnel have benefitted from the peace of mind of not having to deal with IT issues and challenges. BoltMSP has been doing that for them and Clark has not experienced any issues.

Clark has a network of 25 independent dealers under their umbrella. “One of our dealers has been in contact with BoltMSP because of our relationship with them. I would recommend BoltMSP to any businesses that need IT help,” said Mohr.

Clark has their own CRM software that is specific to them. “We are slow with upgrading our technology. To be able to access this software from anywhere is key to us,” said Mohr. “We have a good situation in place now to be able to back up all our data. We know that our data is secure and if something happened, the cloud will have it.

Clark has other dealers under their umbrella that have lost everything. Firm that hold all their data on site or have an external hard drive back-up are in a vulnerable position.

“Our business is too important to us; our clients are too important to have that unreliability,” Mohr concluded. UBT helps Mohr focus on the business side. “Before I had to worry if things would turn on or work throughout the day. Now I can worry about growing the business and spending resources on sales, marketing, advertising, staffing and training.”

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