IT Governance

Perhaps the main component missing in small and medium businesses is the concept of “IT Governance”. This is the process of organizing key people in the organization and having regular interactions with an IT management expert with the purpose of aligning the IT function with the overall goals of the company.


Larger companies depend on IT best practices which are achieved by establishing regular procedures. Small businesses often have no concrete policies, checklists, milestones, or goals. We provide the process and controls to small businesses according to the best practices of the IT industry.


The IT infrastructure in any business is crucial to success. Yet many companies allow the IT department to completely control this asset. In most cases, the management does not even have the administrative password to the system. Our procedures and tools give control to management. Take back the keys to your castle!

Business Alignment

Each business is different. It is extremely important to not to let the IT dictate the culture, goals, or productivity of the company. IT must be in the background and be in concert with the strategic overall objectives of the business.


Also, lacking in small and medium businesses is the complete documentation of the IT assets. Most often this information resides in the brain of the IT person, or at best it consists of highly technical information which is useless to management.


Tired of being hit by sudden expenditures on IT? Our IT governance process is designed to determine investments in technology well ahead of time so the organization can build the purchasing into their budgeting process.

Maximum Investment Value

Given advancements in cloud technology, companies are now able to reduce their IT expenditures, simplify their infrastructure, and maximize your investments. Our leadership will guide you on how to reduce spending over the next 5 years.