Experienced Service Desk

Our help desk is answered directly by the technicians you know. All of them have the expertise to help immediately. Unlike other IT companies, our service desk people are highly paid–not entry level. Whenever you call, you will get directly to a familiar voice who is ready and able to help you.

Culture of 100% Accountability

A founding principle of our company is 100% accountability with a sense of care and urgency. You will find that our technical people will provide great service, respond on a timely basis, and be persistent until you issue is resolved.

Immediate Escalation

At any time during the resolution of an issue, if you do not feel that our technician is the best resource for the problem, you may ask and get an escalation to a tier 2 or 3 engineer.

Noise Down Productivity Up

Our goal is to spend as much time up front in a proactive way to solve issues before they happen again. We regularly review your tickets to determine the best way we can eliminate them from happening in the future. Whether it is training, documentation, tutorials, or better configuring the network, we have a goal to reduce the ticket noise and drive up your user productivity.

Run by the Numbers

We manage our productivity using industry best practices. We use a workflow process that has been proven internationally to ensure that nothing “drops through the cracks”. We have monitors, alerts, and dashboards that guarantee that we are resolving issues as fast as possible. We use key performance indicators (KPIs) and regularly compare our results to other similar companies across the world.