Safety & Security

Protect and Recover

The cornerstone to protecting your business is a robust disaster recovery process in place. We provide a custom solution that provides for retaining complete images of your servers not just the data in folders. In case a server goes down, we have an instantaneous process for providing the “spare tire”. Your downed servers can be restarted on our recovery device or from the cloud.


Security is a process not an accomplishment. We use four layers of different technologies to ensure the safety of our clients against cybercrime. However, we also put in place a regular rhythms of procedures to constantly monitor and manage against threats.

Ransomware Protection

Unfortunately, we have acquired several clients with our abilities to recover damage from the ransomware syndicates. We have special “tweaks” we make to our customer systems to prevent behaviors of these viruses. And we constantly monitor and configure systems as we learn additional information from the cybercrime institutions.


Most business executives have no accurate, reliable estimation of their business risk when it comes to technology failures. We shine the light on this risk, discuss it in business terms, and work together to mitigate the risk to the goals of the company.

Disaster Testing

Although most organizations believe that they are secure in case of a disaster, they never test to be sure. Our disaster recovery program allows us to completely test the backup without disruption to the ongoing business systems so we can test on a regular basis without interruption of productivity.


Many companies are being hit by their suppliers, prime contractors, or other organizations with compliance to security standards such as HIPAA, PCI, or FINRA. We have a proven process with a web based management system to move our clients into compliance. We can report on your compliance efforts in a concrete and meaningful way that you can give to those who need.