About Meridian

Meridian is a nonprofit, nonpartisan diplomacy center that connects leaders
through culture and collaboration to drive solutions for global challenges.

Experience with Bolt:

Prior to engaging BoltMSP, Meridian had up to 3 full time IT employees at any given time. Even with this level of internal support, Meridian found they were lacking in the critical expertise needed to guide their organization into the future. Questionable investments and out of date on premise technology threatened to hinder Meridian and its mission to support collaboration across leaders globally.

By tapping into the knowledge and skill set of BoltMSP, Meridian was able to eliminate $100,000 in annual expenses. Additionally, BoltMSP’s work to move Meridian to a modernized cloud-based environment resulted in Meridian being exceptionally prepared for 2020’s COVID-19

health crisis and enabled them to seamlessly transition to remote working.

Leveraging BoltMSP has allowed the team at Meridian to increase their productivity and focus on more pressing initiatives while resting assured that BoltMSP is there to help with their major strategic goals as well as day to day management of their IT needs.

Given the positive experience, Meridian recently decided to also move their copier business to BoltMSP’s sister company Impact Office Technology. They are looking forward to similar results.

Employment Opportunities

BoltMSP strives to offer an environment this is collaborative in nature with opportunities to be challenged and grow professionally and personally…all focused on allowing us to provide our valued customers with the best services possible. Our continued growth means exciting career opportunities for talented professionals in IT, engineering, software development, supply chain, project management and other key areas. We offer competitive compensation and benefits, excellent training and a vibrant working environment. Reach your professional potential by helping us support our customers and reach ours.

Job Openings