“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it.”

In today’s business environment 24×7 mobile access, applications and the cloud are becoming increasingly important to everyday business. Even with increased spend on security these days, most enterprises do not have enough time or in-house talent to cover the growing demand. With transformational change comes increased complexity and security concerns. Each new endpoint or connection to your network increases exposure to ever-evolving threats, increasing risk and threating compliance. BoltMSP offers cost effective, reliable and scalable alternatives to dedicated staff & traditional SOC’s with our managed firewall, intrusion prevention, anti- virus/anti-spam and web content filtering capabilities, protecting and scaling with your business needs.

Through our portfolio of managed, monitored, and intelligence security services, you can:
- Detect security threats before they impact business critical services
- Quickly respond to intrusions for faster service restoration
- Reduce security operations and maintenance cost by 30-40%
- Get a complete view of your threat profile and security posture
- Utilize our industry-specific knowledge of legal, regulatory, and standard developments including PCI, SOX, HIPPA, and Data Privacy laws
Why is Cybersecurity so important to SMB’s?
- $7.68 Million: The Average Cost of an Insider-Related Cyber Incident for SMBs
- 43% of SMBs Lack Any Type of Cybersecurity Defense Plans
- One in Five SMBs Do not Use Any Endpoint Security Protections
- 28% of the Breaches in 2019 Involved Small Business Victims
- Phishing Is Top Threat Action for More Than 30% of Small Organizations
- 85% of MSPs Report Ransomware as the Biggest Malware Threat to SMBs
- 63% of SMBs Report Experiencing a Data Breach in the Previous 12 Months
- 46% of SMBs with < 1k Employees Had 5-16 Hours of Breach-Related Downtime
- 47% of SMBs Report Keeping Data Secure as Biggest Challenge
- 70% of SMBs’ Employees Passwords Were Stolen or Lost
- 74% of SMB Data Breaches Involve External Threat Actors
- 83% of Data Breaches Against SMBs are Financially Motivated
- 22% of SMBs Switched to Remote Work Without a Cybersecurity Threat Prevention Plan.
BoltMSP Cybersecurity Portfolio includes:
- Security Operations Center (US Based)
- Chief Security Information Officer as a Service
- Advisory Services - Security Roadmap & Strategy Development 
- Services – Security Roadmap & Strategy Development
- IT Security Assessments
- End Pont Security
- Penetration Testing
- Data Loss Prevention
- End User Training
- Zero Trust Network Access

“Small businesses are not immune to cyber-attacks and data breaches, and are often targeted specifically because they often fail to prioritize security. Caught between inadequate consumer solutions and overly complex enterprise software, many small business owners may be inclined to skip cybersecurity. It only takes one attack, however, to bring a business to its knees.”

Let us help you help secure you your end users and IT environment. Please contact us today for a Free IT Security Assessment
24x7 Security Event Management

Real-time intrusion, Threat and vulnerability monitoring leveraging SEIM technologies and leveraging over 20 years of managed security service experience

Trusted Advisory Services

Leverage Cyber Security, SEIM, and Unified Threat Management domain knowledge and experience to improve your security posture and mitigate costly incident recovery procedures

Security Policy and Configuration

Real time configuration and change management to ensure security policies and signatures mitigate emerging threats and vulnerabilities

Incident and Problem Management

Real time detection, classification, root cause analysis and resolution of security incidents that threaten the confidentiality, integrity and availability of business-critical systems and information

Real Time and Adhoc Reporting

Obtain real time and historical information and intelligence defining your Cyber Security posture and optimize your investment in security controls/technologies

Phase 1


Data Acquistion & Normalization


Data Acquisition/Transport


Data Normalization


Data Reduction

Phase 2


Data Correlation


Field Correlation


Rule Correlation


Packet Parameter/Payload Correlation


Profile (fingerprint) Correlation

Phase 3


Event Correlation


Vulnerability Correlation


Threat Correlation


Route Correlation


Time/Role-Based Correlation

Phase 4


Asymmetric Data Analytics


Expanded Data Sets


Nested Algorithms/Traffic Analysis


Entity Mapping


DNS Analysis


P2P Analysis

Phase 5


Business Impact Analysis


Service Impact


Site Impact


User Impact