Hardware and Software Procurement

Evaluating, purchasing, and installing hardware and software is a time-consuming process. BoltMSP has the knowledge and skills to help you determine the right licensing agreements and hardware & software solutions for your business. We manage the procurement process end to end, from installing, maintaining, and upgrading your systems, through to retiring old hardware. We partner with all the major hardware and software vendors. Our solutions also allow for better pricing thanks to our bulk-buying power and our direct relationships with many key distributors.


Hardware/Software Services:

- Transition and Transformation.
- Full Lifecycle Support – design, deploy, optimize, secure, deploy, maintain, and manage.
- Discovery, Baseline Assessment Road map and Strategy Development.
- Emerging technology evaluations.
- Cost out Optimization.
- Advanced Exchange – fully managed next day replacement.
- Software/Hardware as a Service - OPEX vs. CAPEX.

Our Partners